4 Fun Ways to Celebrate your Child's Birthday

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate your Child's Birthday

When planning your child’s birthday party, of course you want everything to be just right. There are so many factors to consider, such as food, location, and a guest list, that it can feel overwhelming at times. The best parties, though, are the ones that are focused around one or two highlights and that simply keep fun, not stress, at the heart of the party. Here are a few big ideas to punctuate the perfect party.

Your first clue is...

A scavenger hunt is an excellent birthday activity as you can run it anywhere and for as many kids as you like. Depending on the age of your child you can use simple picture clues or make it more difficult by incorporating riddles. Just be sure everyone gets a chance to help out and this activity will be a huge hit.

Jump Around

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Renting an inflatable bounce house is a low-stress way to have a big impact on your party. Since the bouncer itself will be set up by professionals, you need only plan a place for it, keep an eye on the kids, and enjoy the party. As long as everyone follows safety rules, a bounce house is always a big hit.


Hiring a professional entertainer is a way to incorporate your child’s interests into the event. Bring in someone based on your child’s interests. A few classic choices include magicians and clowns, but don’t limit yourself. Think outside the box instead get a scientific display, or perhaps someone who brings their exotic pet to parties. You could also hire an impersonator to come to your party as your child’s favorite character. The possibilities are endless.

Feliz Cumpleanos

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Borrowing from birthday traditions from around the world can bring new and creative ideas to your child’s party. One especially fun tradition to consider is the Mexican piñata. These can be made at home, custom made to fit your party’s theme, or generically purchased. What kid wouldn’t love stepping up to a beautifully colored paper mache and thrashing it with a stick until their favorite candies fall out? This is a super simple, and fairly low-cost party favorite that is sure to be a hit.

No matter what theme or special elements you decide on for your child’s next party, just keep in mind that this is their special day. Do your best to keep everything light and fun. With a positive attitude and a little planning, even a simple day at the park can be a magical birthday celebration.

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