5 Natural Tips To Help You And Your Toddler Get A Good Night's Sleep

Toddlers often don’t want to sleep because they have a lot of energy, but their mothers do require an adequate amount of sleep to function the next day. Fortunately, there are natural ways to soothe a toddler to help your toddler go to sleep faster. Here are four easy ways to help your toddler settle down for the night so that you can also go to sleep.

Play Quiet Music That Lulls a Toddler

While you might want to play loud music that has a fast tempo during the day, you should use a quieter type of music at night. By playing soothing instrumental music, your toddler’s brain functions will slow down, affecting the circadian rhythms. You can begin to play a lullaby while you are preparing your toddler for bedtime with her special routine of having a bath, putting on her favorite pajamas and brushing her teeth. If you’re a singer though (or hey, even if you’re not), you can sing them lullabies, which has been studied to be the most effective music your baby can fall asleep to. By the time that your toddler is in bed with the blankets over her, her eyelids will begin to close.

Focus On Your Toddler’s Diet

Make sure that your toddler is eating enough food throughout the day so that she isn’t hungry at night. Your toddler requires small portions of highly nutritious foods such as fruits, lean proteins, and vegetables along with whole-grain bread and dairy products. Avoid giving your toddler greasy or spicy foods, especially in the evening. A small amount of caffeine can keep a toddler awake, so make sure that your child isn’t drinking soft drinks or tea.

Use Sleep-inducing Essential Oils

While your toddler is having a bath, you can use sleep-inducing essential oils. Essential oils are natural extracts from plants, and they are found in the seeds, bark, stems, flowers, and roots. Bergamot. That being said, many companies that sell essential oils have different types of products like lotions, that could carry those same amazing smells. Also, you can use a diffuser that is filled with fragrant essential oils in your toddler’s bedroom. A diffuser emits the scent from the oil into the room, creating a relaxing environment. But keep in mind that not all essential oils are safe for use on babies, aromatically or topically.

Create a Relaxing Bed For a Toddler

Your toddler needs a relaxing bed and bedroom to sleep well at night. If your toddler is sleeping in a bed instead of a crib, then make sure that it has short legs along with a railing, so she/he isn’t injured if she/he falls from the bed. Don’t keep the bedroom too hot or too cold because your baby can’t sleep in the wrong temperature. Have heavy drapes or room-darkening window blinds over the windows to create a dark environment.

Establish a Bedtime Routine

You should establish a bedtime routine for your toddler so that she knows what to expect. Some toddlers enjoy having a stuffed animal to hold while they go to sleep, or they may want a parent to read a book to them first.

If by the end of trying to implement these habits, your baby still isn’t sleeping well, you might want to reach out for some help. There’s no shame in needing some extra help, especially when it comes to sleep. It can be hard to function if you aren’t sleeping well yourself, so don’t be afraid to ask.


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