7 Tips for organizing baby’s nursery (with limited space)

7 Tips for organizing baby’s nursery (with limited space)

With our little one’s imminent birth, we’ve been busy finishing the nursery over the past few weeks.

Whether your baby’s room is spacious or a little squishy, one thing is for sure – baby comes with a lot of stuff!

As for our space? We’re renting a townhouse (which means no modifications or shelves!) and the baby’s room is on the smaller side, so we’ve had to be smart about maximizing the space.

Here are my top 7 tips to create an organized haven before baby arrives.

1. Have a proper clean-out

Chances are if this is your first baby, like us, you’ll have to convert a spare room (a.k.a. junk-hoarding precinct) into the nursery. Clear out the room early in your pregnancy, while you still have energy. Remove any unnecessary clutter, perhaps selling, donating or packing a few things away. The process of then decorating the nursery will be more enjoyable if you’re starting from a clean slate.

2. Keep things minimal

Resist the temptation to go O.T.T. when setting up the baby’s room. You won’t need every piece of furniture or gadget on the market, so just start with what you need for the first six months; you can add things if and when you need them.

3. Use a set of drawers as a change table

Instead of buying a fit-for-purpose change table (the kind with two levels of shelves underneath) we’re using a set of drawers that we already owned with a change mat placed on top. This is both a money and space saver.

4. Go straight to the cot

Babies don’t need to start their lives crib or bassinet – they can go straight to a cot, which is particularly useful if you don’t have the space (or money) to collect more furniture.
Adding a simple canopy tent over the cot will give it that precious 'new baby' look. Plus it will be a perfect addition to a bedtime story corner later on.

Your arrangement will depend on your personal circumstances; we’re using a bassinet to begin with because the baby will be in our room for a while (which is also quite small). On the plus side, our bassinet can be easily folded up for storage.

5. Drawer dividers are your friends!

Before baby arrives you’ll likely find yourself with an array of singlets, onesies, bibs, wraps, socks, hats and mittens, in sizes ranging from newborn to 12-months. Don’t even think about putting them in the drawers without dividers – it’s sure to be a disaster in no time. To organise hanging wardrobe items, make or buy some dividers so you can easily see which clothes will fit the baby at its various growth stages.

6. Invest in a label maker

I couldn’t live without my label maker! My lovely labels separate the aforementioned drawer dividers into age stages and, I’m not gonna lie, it’s a thing of beauty! I also created iron-on labels to make sense of the thousands of various fitted sheets and mattress protectors for the change table, bassinet, cot, travel cot, and pram.

7. Baskets are your besties

I’ve collected a few baskets to store toys, books, blankets and other bits and pieces in the baby’s room and living room. I picked up this tip from a mum vlogger, who said it helps her to keep the clutter under control by having somewhere to stow the toys and books. She does a quick tidy up during the day while baby is asleep, and again at night.


What other tips do you have for organising your baby’s room?

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