Best Pregnancy Apps and Apps for New Parents

Best Pregnancy Apps and Apps for New Parents

Before and during pregnancy I’ve had a few trusty iPhone apps by my side – and have received some recommendations for once bub arrives. Here are my personal favourites.


Kindara helps you track your cycle to determine the best time to conceive. I tried a few apps of this kind but preferred this one for its simplicity. It’s a great idea to start tracking your cycle at least several months before you start conceiving. Not only will it help you determine the best time of the month to fall pregnant, but the data could also provide key information to your doctor if you have problems conceiving.


This app gives you daily and weekly updates up to 42 weeks of pregnancy, providing key information about baby’s development as well as symptoms that you might be experiencing. I found this app to be clean and straightforward and a great way for my husband and I to connect over our baby’s development.

Mind the Bump

Mind the Bump takes you through short, guided mindfulness meditation activities aimed at reducing stress, managing change and building connections with baby. Recommended by my midwife, this app will get a workout in the lead-up to baby’s arrival.

Baby Pics





This photography app allows you to add artistic captions to your bump and baby pics, with themes covering pregnancy through to birth and beyond. I love this app because it’s simple to use with quality graphics. Someone told me at the beginning of my pregnancy to make sure I took frequent photos of my growing bump because I’d love to look back on them – and they were right. This app is a great way to document your journey.

Contraction Timer

Our midwife recommended we download a contraction timer to use once labour begins. This particular app has a very simple ‘START/STOP’ button, which then converts your contractions into a graph. Most hospitals will advise you not to come into the hospital until your contractions are 5 minutes apart, so this is the perfect way to time your progress, and store data to show your medical team.

The Wonder Weeks

An offshoot of The Wonder Weeks book, this app helps you to track the major developmental leaps of your baby, making sense of your child’s behaviour at each stage. It will allow you to enter your baby’s birth information and to track their development in portable form.

Save the Date to Vaccinate

This Australian app will send you notifications about key dates for your child’s vaccinations – helping you to keep on top of your baby’s health amidst the overwhelm of becoming a new parent.

Baby Sleep

This simple-to-use white noise app comes loaded with several soundtracks to help babies to fall asleep and stay asleep. It has the ability to pick up sounds on the microphone if baby wakes, signalling the white noise to begin again. Although we’ve invested in a white noise machine for baby’s room, this app could be a good option to have on-the-go (or for testing to see if white noise
works for your baby).

Awesome Baby Tracker

The app name could use some work, but hundreds of reviews indicate this is a fantastic app. Once baby arrives it will help to keep track of things such as sleep and breastfeeding patterns and timings, food and allergies, and health check-ups, all in one place.

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