Socks, Pillows, and Storytime: Ways To Improve Both You and Your Baby's Sleeping Situation

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Socks, Pillows, and Storytime: Ways To Improve Both You and Your Baby's Sleeping Situation

If you have a newborn or even a toddler, nights can be a dreaded time of the day because of the sleeping situation. If you are fortunate enough to have a baby that sleeps through the night, you may not need to do much improvement to your evening routine. However, some of the tips we are about to share can still work to improve you and your baby's sleep.

Better Night's Sleep

One idea to get better sleep for the both of you is to think about co-sleeping. This is a particularly popular option with mothers who are choosing to breastfeed their child because they can get on the same sleep schedule as their child and also not have to get out of bed to go get and feed the child.

Type of Pillow

You may not be thinking about it, but the type of pillow that you are using can have a direct impact on you and your child's sleep. Mothers can benefit from the abundance of sleep technology on the market, particularly pillows. If you are struggling with sleep check your pillow. Pillows impact the quality of our sleep, and a low-quality standard pillow can be causing back pain, among other sleep ailments. If you are using a low-quality pillow, you could be suffering from back pain and other ailments because of it. Getting a high-quality pillow that is comfortable for you can make you sleep through the night instead of waking up to reposition your body. If you are co-sleeping, you will not wake your child because you will sleep through the night!


Did you know that socks can actually help you sleep? Studies have shown that wearing socks to bed can actually help you fall asleep faster. This is a simple trick to help you get to sleep faster than you usually would. Socks can also help keep your body warm as it normally drops a couple degrees to prepare for sleep.

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are great to incorporate into your routine because not only are they fun for the child, but they can also help you both unwind and relax. Use this time to forget about the day and focus on the story. As the parent, keep your voice calm and relaxed to help both you and the child ease into a restful state, or maybe even use some story aides to keep your baby entranced. Your baby will pick up on your peaceful tone and it will help them relax and get ready for bed!

Regardless of if your child is a perfect sleeper or is up more than ten times every night, we hope that these tips can improve both you and your child's quality of sleep every night!

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