Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Here’s what I’ve learned about being pregnant with a summer due date: you get a lot of sympathy, and the sympathy begins back when you announce your pregnancy. It’ll usually come from Mums who have birthed summer babies before, and go something like this, “Ohhhhhhh, a summer baby… you poor thing”.

Back when it was winter, this sympathy didn’t mean a lot to me. I’d smile and tell people that I was a “summer person” myself, so I was happy.

Have I changed my opinion, now that it’s halfway through summer, and Sydney has been experiencing an ongoing heatwave?

We live in a rented townhouse without air conditioning; it can get pretty stifling in here, which is extremely exhausting. It’s pretty frustrating when you have a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm, but you’re too sapped of energy to do anything about it.

How to cope? If you’re anything like me (a bit of a control freak) you’ll want to get up close and personal with a weather app. That handy device helps me plan my week and tells me the days when I’ll need a plan to escape the house.

And escaping the house is a must. Taking up swimming at a public pool is both a savior and a fantastic exercise option for pregnancy. Luckily for me, my parents live five minutes around the corner in a breezy house with air conditioning and a pool; it’s pretty much become our hotel of choice over the past few weeks, and without this escape, I’d be in despair.

If a pool isn’t an option, a cold shower is the next best thing. You’re also permitted to spend the day in your underwear after said cold shower. Clothing-wise, you’ll want a wardrobe full of loose, flowy dresses to see you through.

Get yourself some fans or a portable air-conditioner if installing the real deal isn’t an option. And remember to stay hydrated, and not push yourself too hard. On that note – if you’re expecting a summer baby, take it from me, and try to get organized for the baby as early as possible in your pregnancy, so you don’t have to put in the hard yards when you’re too hot and exhausted.

So, have I changed my nonchalant attitude about having a baby in summer? You know, I don’t think I have. I think stinking hot summer days are draining and uncomfortable whether you’re pregnant or not. Pregnancy certainly doesn’t help, but at least people feel sorry for you and are usually willing to fetch you cold drinks while you prop your feet up (silver lining).

Besides which, I’ve heard that being heavily pregnant in winter comes with its own list of annoyances – chief among them, getting dressed in layers. As it is, I struggle to bend to get my sandals on some days; how would I cope with actual shoes with laces, and multiple layers of clothing? Bring on my moo-moos, anyday.

And if that doesn’t convince you, you can always seek comfort in the judgment-free zone of indulging in ice cream and Zooper Doopers.

Pregnancy in summer hasn’t been all bad but might as well make the most of it while the sympathy is flowing. Mocktails and massages, anyone?

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