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If your baby has a spot on the head that is unattractive, it is most likely what is known as cradle cap. If your baby was a grown-up, you would recognize it as dandruff. Cradle cap does not hurt your baby, nor will its effects last forever. And no worries, your baby is not contagious either. Cradle cap does not make your baby uncomfortable, or itchy. Do not blame yourself for your baby having cradle cap, it is not from poor hygiene. It is simply something many babies have the first few weeks, or months of life. Cradle cap can...

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If you are thinking of adding a dog to your growing family, you may be having a hard time trying to figure out what kind of a dog to get. Big dog or little dog? Long hair or short hair? Energetic or docile? All of these are good questions to ask yourself when considering getting a dog. But the most important factor will be choosing a dog that is best suited for families with children. A dog is the best gift you can give a child because they can teach them so much about kindness and unconditional love. They love...

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