We aim to make
YOU, the parent, HAPPIER!!


  • We believe mothers should not be restricted by FRUMPY maternity wear that may have been ok in the 1960s. We believe you should be able to choose maternity wear that fits your style.

  • We believe in making our designs functional for use in everyday life. Breastfeed in designs that won’t make you feel as if you are being publicly singled out for being a parent!

  • We believe in parent and child safety. Taking your entire dress off in a public bathroom can be very unhygienic, not to mention uncomfortable. Our clothes allow you to feed easily in or out of public facilities. To help YOU enjoy better times with your child

  • We believe in providing our community with more than just products. This is why we constantly upload helpful information to our online group, blog and facebook page, to help YOU and your family on this beautiful journey of parenthood.

Words From Our Customers

 Who are we?


  • We began as a family of 4 that experienced many of the difficulties (and all of the joys) that children bring. To try and make our lives easier we began to design maternity clothes that still had style! We also design kids clothes, toys, and accessories.

  • Established in 2016 we have now helped more than 20,000 parents with our products. These were initially developed in our family home. Since then we have expanded from our humble beginnings to multiple storage facilities around the world. However, our designs are still thought of by us and designed with our staff members (most of whom are parents too!).


Thank you for shopping at Little Kidz Stuff! Best regards from our team!