About Us

The vision of Little Kidz Stuff is to give joy to growing families in everyday life.

When my brother Liam and I decided to start a kidz store we weren’t sure exactly how it would take shape. We discovered quickly that we did not want to sell the same old boring products as the rest of the kids' stores out there.

Why? Because that’s not like us!

See, when we were little, Liam and I wanted to be astronauts. So for my 7th birthday, our mom got me a beautiful white and blue rocket. The next day we started building a NASA station - a command center, a launch ramp, seats for the spectators,... When we would get an idea in our head we would expand it in all directions - or rather across our backyard. We did test runs and training and repeated our launch schedule every night before bedtime.

For us, it was a project that would get us to the Moon.

After 3 weeks of hard work (which is 3 years in a child’s mind) we launched for the first time. I remember clearly that 'flying' that rocket around the backyard felt like my feet just touched the dusty surface of the Moon.

Looking back now, those 3 weeks of my childhood are some of the best days of my life. It was never about reaching Moon. It was about having as much fun possible on the way. To us, it never mattered that the rocket never made it further than the back fence.

I learned that if you want to achieve success you have to work hard, and have a dream. That’s what we wanted to do with Little Kidz Stuff Store - do something great and have fun along the way.

What makes us different is that products we offer:

  1. We aim to make kids so excited that it feels like their feet are touching the surface of the Moon
  2. We want to provide more time for parents to spend with their kids

Little Kidz Stuff team is growing every day, with hardworking people giving their 110%. Our product researchers use their inner child voices and curiosity to find the best products. Our marketing director makes sure that the best deals reach our customers at the right time. Our customer service is a wise parenting voice that answers all questions.


As a parent, I understand that parenting can be hard, especially if you are new in it. There is a lot of questions and a lot of concerns. That is why we made sure to be available to our customers. If you have any questions you can contact us through

direct message

Kirk Skinner

Store owner, proud dad and an amateur astronaut