Packing The Ultimate Diaper Bag


Kids are full of surprises. Just when you think your child is about to fall asleep, seconds later she’ll be screaming for her favorite toy. 

And even if you think your two month-year-old has developed a regular pooping routine be prepared for a bombshell at the most inconvenient moment. Yes, we are talking restaurants, family picnics & shopping lines.

Cloth Diapers


  • Never leave the house with less than three diapers.
  • Pack one diaper for every hour you plan to spend outside.

Keep in mind that older babies need less frequent diaper changes than young babies.

Baby Wipes

It's not just cute little bottoms that will surprise you with a load of mess. Dirty surfaces are all around us, and you'll often find yourself wiping sticky fingers. If you have more children don't be afraid to pack the biggest wipes pack you can find. In fact, this rule applies not only to your diaper bag but also to your car.

A good diaper bag will have an easy access pocket, which is essential to a quick reaction and not spreading the filth and germs all over your things.

Changing Mat
Clean Hands Diaper Changing Pad
Find this Clean Hands Changing Pad


When you need to change your baby's diaper in a place that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a while, a good changing mat is your best friend. When you are all done changing your baby a quick cleanup will hide the scene of the crime. That is why no hand towel can match a foldable, water-resistant changing pad.

Extra Clothes

You won't need them...until you do.

So! Do not give in to that unjustifiably optimistic thought that says you don't need to take the extra shirt, pants, and socks with you this time. A kid can smell weakness, and the one day you are not prepared is the day you will have to deal with the biggest mess of your parenthood. That day will happen about 3 times a week.

Clothing Set For Girls

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Clothing Set


TIP: you do need to change the clothes you keep in your diaper bag from time to time. Remember, kids, grow fast, and unless you have the right size outfit you are will be wrapping your baby in your hoodie. 

Choose a diaper bag that stores more things than just a few diapers and a bottle. There are great organizing solutions available for moms that want to be prepared.

Baby Bottle
Diaper Bag Baby Bottle Holder

It is very important that both you and your baby stay hydrated. Packing a bottle of water is always a smart choice for both. Another obvious one:

  • Bottle(s) with dry formula already inside
  • Expressed breast milk if you're nursing

It is important that you keep the bottles thermally insulated inside your diaper bag

Blanket Cover


Blankets are truly multi-purpose items, that can help you out in many different scenarios. Not only will a blanket keep your baby warm, but it will also protect against various weather conditions, like harsh sun, wind, light rain...

Favorite Toy
Plush Elephant Pillow Toy

Take a moment to plan and carefully select which toy(s) to take with you when you are leaving the house. If you are taking your baby with you to a restaurant you will probably need a lot of fun distractions to keep your child busy and entertained. 

Baby Wrist And Sock Rattle Toy

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Baby Development Toys


On the other hand, a 3-year-old is going to be just fine with an interesting stuffed animal or a rattle. 

You will know best which toy is your kids favorite, and it is important to have this toy close to console the child in different situations.
Also, you'll be happy to have this weapon in early signs of boredom or meltdowns.